Claviers |Childhood en Provence

“In my youth I had the privilege of spending time in Claviers, a small village in the hills of Provence.  Populated by an endearing community and surrounded by a breathtaking landscape riddled with medieval architecture; Claviers was a wonderland for a burgeoning visual thinker. I endeavor to convey through paint and canvas the persistent sensation of boundless freedom I found being in this land of castles, lavender, and magic.”

Spencer Gordon’s debut gallery exhibit “Claviers: Childhood en Provence” (shown under the pseudonym Alexander Sapoznick) opened April 2nd, 2016 at the Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle. This collection contains 7 oil paintings, and was on display through May 2nd, 2016 along with the work of fellow artist Valerie Collymore.

All works from this collection were sold during the gallery show and are now in private collections.